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Friday, March 27, 2009

Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

New Arrivals- Maryland Commercial Kitchen Equipment

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KTEC SMOOTHER  MD restaurant equipment

KTEC Smoother USED
For years the Smoother has set the standard in blending frozen drinks. The Smoother is still the choice of many of the world's leading beverage retailers.
No blending chore is too tough for the Smoother. The Smoother was designed with you in mind. There is no need to purchase a different machine if you change the layout of your counter. The Smoother combines power with intelligence and beauty. Includes container and lid.


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One of the biggest expenses of opening a new restaurant is buying equipment. A $100,000 loan might seem like a lot of money when you are first getting ready to open, but too quickly it can run out. Stoves, ranges, grills and coolers all represent thousands of dollars spent. In addition, much like a new car, these items depreciate the minute they leave the showroom. When you begin shopping around for restaurant equipment, you will soon find out how expensive new pieces are. Selecting gently worn second-hand equipment can save you a lot of money. However, used restaurant equipment does present a few liabilities. Read on for the pros and cons of buying used.

Pros of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

• Moolah. Buying used equipment will save you precious start up cash that you can put toward your first food order, payroll, or insurances.
• Due to the high failure of new restaurants (not yours, of course) many second hand pieces of equipment have only been in service for a year or two. If you go to a restaurant auction, do your homework and find out how long the place was open. Examine the appliances, looking for tell tale signs of wear and tear like rust, missing parts, ect. If you are really lucky, you can still get the warranty with a piece that is not too old.
• Haggling. Dealers of used restaurant equipment are often open to price negotiations. If you are good at haggling then don’t be afraid to counter their offer.
• Freebies. If you are buying several pieces of used equipment from the same vendor, ask for a freebie, such as prep table, a mixer or toaster. They may throw it in as a sign of goodwill.
Cons of Buying Used Restaurant Equipment

• Warranties, or lack thereof. Used restaurant equipment is usually sold “as is.” Meaning, if you hook it up at the restaurant and it doesn’t work, you’re out of luck. This is the gamble you take when buying used. The good news is that many pieces of restaurant equipment are nearly indestructible. If one small part goes, it is easy to replace.
• Spending more money. If you do buy used equipment that breaks, then you may end up spending more money than if you had just bought it new. However, certain items are better suited to buy used, and have a better chance of working properly for a long time to come.

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